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Top 10 Portable Guitar Amps

Whether you are a professional probing for the next piece of tune on the go or just an amateur,
sometimes it’s good to have a little power on the go. Practice guitar amps come in a variety of
different shapes and forms. Some like them big and powerful enough where it’s possible to use them
for gigging, while other have completely different requirements. One of the more popular niches of
practice amps are the portable ones. A mini guitar amplifier can offer you big sound in a convenient
size, making it ideal for street performances or practise sessions where volume may be a concern.
Today we are going to show you our top 10 best portable guitar amplifier picks.

1. Fender Mini ’57 Twin-Amp

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Great things come in small packages. These tiny Fenders are mini in stature but big on fun. Just
right for the bedroom, the living room, the hotel room, the backstage, well pretty much anywhere.
You can enjoy pure portability from a petite sized amp packing a 1 watt punch. It is an excellent
travel companion as no electrical outlet required and it’s exclusively recommended for electrical
guitars. You can practice in silence with quarter inch headphone jack and you can dial in a variety
of sounds using the volume, tone and gain chicken head knobs.

2. Danelectro Hodad II

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Danelectro’s modern-vintage take on the mini amp.This sweet mini amp packs some serious punch,in a compact but powerful amplifier design. With a battery, you can take it on the road or plug in
wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. It’s housed in a cool aqua/cream mini cabinet, and
featuring all the vintage looks you’ve become accustomed to from a leader in modern retro design and
sound. The Danelectro amp offers 1.5W with a power adaptor, and 1W with a battery. It features two
ceramic 2″ round speakers running in parallel, for surprising punch and definition, for such a
compact amplifier. The controls are Tone, Gain, and Off-On / Volume. Weighing in at 1 lb., this
portable amplifier can be taken anywhere. At home, on the road, or wherever you feel inspired, the
Danelectro Hodad II mini amp is an outstanding amplifier with excellent sound for its small size.


3. Yamaha THR10

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This sweet amp comes with five classic amp models, plus bass, acoustic, and instrument modes. THR10 includes a range of effects processing, driven by Yamaha”s signature VCM technology Lightweight, portable amp that can run on AC power or batteries. The THR Gig Bag is an essential item to protect your THR amp while transporting it. It comes with three inserts. Two inserts are held in place with velcro to adjust the interior to amp size, the other is a pouch with removable padding.

4. Vox Soundbox Mini

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The VOX Soundbox Mini is a small stereo multi-purpose amp that can be easily used as a portable
music speaker system. The amp input section provides a choice of 11 amp types. In addition to amp
modeling, the SOUNDBOX mini provides four high-quality effects and four types of delay/reverb
effects. Plus a wide variety of input sources are supported, including a mic jack and an auxiliary.
SOUNDBOX mini features a WIDE switch that activates KORG’s “Acoustage” technology, enabling the two adjacently-placed speakers to project an expansive sound field that you would expect to hear only
from two separated speakers.


5. Joyo Top-GT

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Joyo Top-GT guitar amplifier is another innovative product that boasts the versatility of a mini
guitar amp. You can plug in your electric guitar and jam along with Top-GT playing your favorite
melodies. Top-GT is so portable that it is ideal to travel with as a practice guitar amp and a
powerful multimedia bluetooth speaker!