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Top 10 Fender Stratocaster Signature Guitars

6. Fender Stratocaster – Eric Johnson

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There is no greater example of guitar hero Eric Johnson’s devotion to his art than his signature model Stratocaster guitar. With singular attention to detail, the Eric Johnson Stratocaster Rosewood features a two-piece alder body finished in thin-skin nitrocellulose lacquer, quarter sawn maple neck with bound round-laminated 12″-radius rosewood freeboard, three-ply parchment pickguard, pickups voiced by Johnson himself, staggered vintage-style tuners, custom tremolo block and four finish options, three of which (Lucerne Aqua Fire mist, Tropical Turquoise and Medium Palomino Metallic) are exclusive to this model.

7. Fender Stratocaster – Yngwie Malmsteen

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The Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster guitar is modeled after Malmsteen’s favorite Fender. Features include an alder body, scalloped freeboard with deeper scalloping, machine screw neck mounting, brass nut, bullet truss rod nut, white/black/white pickguard, original synchronized tremolo, Diarize YJM neck and middle pickups and a Diarize HS-3 Stack bridge pickup.

8. Fender Stratocaster – Jim Root

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Guitarist Jim Root shreds in Slipknot and Stone Sour, and he collaborated with Fender on a huge-sounding signature Stratocaster guitar that complements his heavy playing style. The Jim Root Stratocaster features a compound radius neck (12″-14″) without freeboard dot markers, active EMG pickups, black hardware, jumbo frets and satin lacquer finish.

9. Fender Stratocaster – Ritchie Blackmore

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Legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore has been creating memorable guitar riffs for decades. His deft phrasing and unmistakable tone have helped make the phrase “guitar solo” a household term.

Blackmore and Fender proudly present the Ritchie Blackmore Signature Stratocaster guitar, based on his favorite ’70s model and featuring a maple neck with a graduated scalloped rosewood freeboard, Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Flat pickups and ’70s-style “F” tuners.

10. Fender Stratocaster – Buddy Guy

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The highly distinctive Buddy Guy Standard Stratocaster guitar features an unmistakable polka dot finish, soft V-shaped neck and three standard single-coil pickups.


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