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Signstek Guitar Stereo Sound Volume Pedal

  • A Versatile Volume Pedal,Stereo or 2 Instruments Control
  • Deliver A Professional Performance
  • Passive Electronics (No Batteries Required)
  • Volume Pedal (stereo sound), with amplitude adjusted knob, can make very accuate volume controls.
  • After Sale Service Available


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The Signstek guitar volume effect pedal comes with a amplitude adjusted knob, can make very accurate volume controls.It can be used to control the volume of either a stereo instrument,(synthesizer, DJ equipment) or 2 instruments at the same time.
By adjusting the knob under the pedal, you can set the minimum volume for when the pedal is fully up.
The pedal can accommodate two channels of sound as it features two 1/4″ inputs and outputs. This pedal does not require any batteries.

A Versatile Volume Pedal
Stereo or 2 Instruments Control
2x 1/4″ Inputs (IN1, IN2)
2x 1/4″ Outputs (OUT1, OUT2)
Passive Electronics (No Batteries Required)
Independent Minimum Volume Adjustment Knob

Item: Volume Pedal
Connectors:2-Input jack,2-Output jack

1 x Volume Pedal