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Neck Notes Guitar Trainer for learning guitar

  • A Perfect Gift Idea and our learning package is used to teach in guitar schools worldwide “This product has made it unbelievably easier to learn to play guitar” -Ben Hochstein- Music Supervisor MTV Networks
  • Featured in Guitar World Magazine, NeckNotes Guitar Trainer is the “World’s Best Guitar Training Aid!”. Seeing the notes that make up the chords as you are playing a chord progression is a great way to know what notes will sound good with that chord progression.
  • Made with a HIGH QUALITY WEAR-PROOF material and designed with a black background to make the notes visually stick out. Each fret is numbered so that guitar tab translates directly to the guitar without having to stop to count the frets on each chord change. Much faster and easier.
  • Improvising runs of notes all over the neck is easy when you can see where all the notes are. You can change pitches on a run of notes easily.
  • Ear training is easier if you sing the note names as you play them…for example when practicing scales…you see the note, play and sing the note as you hear the note and you can train your ear to recognize the individual notes and your voice to sing them. We also make NeckNotes for CLASSICAL GUITARS…search “NeckNotes for Classical Guitar” on Amazon



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Featured in Guitar World Magazine, NeckNotes Guitar Trainer is the “World’s Best Guitar Training Aid”———— “NeckNotes is just plain simple and just plain Genius!” Christian Duguay- Berkeley School of Music, Mad TV Alumni, Producer MTV Networks —–Guitar Tab translates directly from the page to the guitar neck.—– The guitar is set up the way it is for a reason…to make it easy to play! –For all Standard size guitars which is most all guitars except the wide-necked Classical or Flamenco guitars, NeckNotes are not a “method” unto themselves but are a training aid that works well with a variety of learning methods. Lessons, scales and the note relationships, guitar tab, improvising runs of notes, training your ear, seeing the bar chord anchor points… With each note it’s own color they are visually separated—Following video lessons is much easier when you can see the entire color-coded layout of the neck at a glance.———— -Train your ear by seeing the note, playing the note and hearing the note repetitively.———- -With each fret numbered, no more counting up and down the frets while translating guitar tab. It’s much faster and easier with NeckNotes.—-Improvising runs of notes all over the neck is easy when you can see where all the notes are–Notes are printed so when you are looking down at the guitar in your lap, they read right-side up for you. —-Not intended for guitars with a nitrocellulose finish. Some Gibson and some vintage guitars have a nitrocellulose finish. If you place them on a nitrocellulose finish there may be staining if not removed with a proper guitar cleaning solvent. Most guitars have a polyurethane finish and this isn’t an issue. ….We also make NeckNotesfor Classical Guitars…search “NeckNotes for Classical Guitar” on Amazon.