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- 52%

Guitar Metronome Tuner Gleam MT4

  • VIOLIN TUNER and Metronome for Violin – Specially created for Violins: Works Perfectly & Easily Out of the Box!
  • METRONOME TUNER COMBO – Carry 1 Device- Less Hassle! BACKLIT LCD SCREEN: Easy to Read in The Dark!
  • METRONOME FOR GUITAR Great as Guitar Tuner. Also Ukulele Tuner, Bass Guitar Tuner or for Double Bass.
  • TONE GENERATOR MODE Especially for Violin, Guitar, Ukulele & Bass Guitar. Or Any Pitch Over 4 Octaves.
  • CONTACT MIC INCLUDED: Picks up Vibrations Directly from the Instrument: Very Accurate. (Please note: NOT A MICROPHONE TUNER!)


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Outstanding Functionality
The MT-1 features extremely fast response to input from string instruments, working as a Guitar Tuner, Violin Tuner or Ukulele Tuner. Pitch shows accurately and quickly.
Please note, this is not a MICROPHONE tuner!

The detection range is wide, extending from A2 to A6. The contact microphone (included) picks up vibrations directly to the tuner from Ukuleles, Violins, Bass Guitars or Double Basses.

Tone Generator Function
In addition to visual tuning using the meter, you can use the Tone Generator function to produce a reference tone from the internal speaker or headphones, and tune by ear.

4 Tuning Modes for 4 String Instruments:

1. Guitar Tuner (6 tones: E, A, D, G, B, E)
2. Bass Tuner (4 tones: E, A, D, G)
3. Ukulele Tuner (4 tones: G, C, D, A)
4. Violin Tuner (4 tones: G,D, A and E)
Each of these modes generates tones at the correct pitches for each string.
Also – Chromatic Tone Generation Function, where you can give the pitch sounded on every single semitone in a Four-octave range from A2 to A6- Which covers almost all instruments!

Metronome with Multiple Powerful Options
Fifteen types of rhythms are built in, including time signatures from 0 through 9 beats/measure, and 9 rhythm variations.
The tempo can be freely set in the range of 30–280 beats per minute. Sophisticated rhythms can be used for a variety of styles.
The volume can also be adjusted, so you’ll be able to use as a guitar metronome, violin metronome or ukulele metronome in any size room.
All-in one solution:
metronome for Guitar or Tuner for Guitar
metronome for Violin or Tuner for Violin