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FretGuru 2 Precision 8-in-1 Guitar Pro Tool

  • Precise string action gauge in .010″ (ten thousandths of an inch) number increments, and .005″ line increments = super accurate guitar setup! The markings are actually laser etched through the black, deeply into the stainless metal. No printing to rub off! Also check out the new, precision 64ths string action gauge. It brings your guitar out of the realm of woodworking and into the world of precision.
  • Unique, first of it’s kind fret height/fret wear gauge in .005″ increments. No more fumbling with calipers, straightedges or feeler gauges.
  • Fret rocker! The 3 unequal length sides are precision ground and polished. Now you can find that pesky high fret without scratching them.
  • Another first – the uniquely designed Nut Slot Height gauge, which has already been a massive time-saver here on the workbench.
  • Simply rest the thin corner in the nut slot – and across to the 2nd fret, then check the gap as it passes over the 1st fret. It’s never been easier to zero in on the perfect string height as it leaves the nut. Also, be sure to check out the separate listing for the sweet handmade custom leather case! Double click on the photos for the expanded view.



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The advanced new FretGuru 2 is shipping now. Version 2.0 – New from the ground up – 8+ function design. Faster more precise guitar setup guaranteed!

When you receive your FretGuru 2 and tear open the package, you’ll marvel at the silky smooth edges that are honed and polished by hand (by me).

We sold out the original version FretGuru far sooner than expected, and it would have been easy to just run another batch, but we’re not looking for “easy”.

We’ve received some killer input from the worlds top luthiers, and the ideas were so good that we HAD to include them on the new design. And we’ve made it more sexy too.

Since the FretGuru 2 has been such a hit with our fellow guitar geeks out there, we wanted to create something special to really kick it up to another level.

So we’ve been working with a local craftsman to create these sweet 100% handmade in USA leather cases for a few special FretGuru fans.

You can see the Amazon listing for the actual leather cases by typing ” fretguru leather case ” (no quotes) in the search box, or check out listing # B00SY1UXD6.

These are ridiculously expensive and time consuming to make, but I wanted to give you a shot at having one for your own FretGuru 2… while they last.

It’s a pretty sweet deal. Check out the testimonials in the leather case listing.