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Baroque string action ruler and Fritz Ruler

  • [ Baroque ruler ] : Stainless steel ・ about 52mm×90mm×1mm ・ weight: about 30g ・ made in Germany
  • [ Fritz ruler ] : Plastic ・ about 54mm×85mm×1mm ・ weight: about 10g
  • A set of the best, most useful two items to have for a guitar.
  • A must-have item that any guitarist would be happy to have.
  • Safe and secure with a long-term written maker’s guarantee (45 days). ※If by any chance you are dissatisfied with the product, please contact customer service. We will soon issue a refund or send a replacement product.


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[ Baroque ruler ]

A ruler for measuring string height, frets, nuts, saddle, and other parts of a guitar.
Material: stainless steel
Size: about 55mm×90mm×1mm ・ Weight: about 30g
Graduations displayed: mm and inches
The surface is used for adjusting the string height.
Absolutely hassle-free. By just holding this card to the strings, you can visually judge the suitable string height.

[ Fritz ruler ]

For use on various guitars such as gut guitars, electric guitars (raise or lower string height), acoustic guitars, and bass guitars (including six string bass guitars).
The reverse side is for string spacing adjustment. The string spacing pitch displayed is 38/40/41.5/43/45mm on guitars, 38/40/42/45mm on bass guitars (can also be used on five string bass guitars), and 50/52mm on gut guitars. With only this card too, distortions and gaps can immediately be identified.
An indispensable item for guitar work. For guitar crafting or repair, you can’t go wrong.