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Gibson Les Paul Standard 2015 – Heritage Cherry Sunburst

Model: Gibson Les Paul Standard 2015 – Heritage Cherry Sunburst

Music genre / Additional gear

The sound you can get out of this guitar is astonishing. You can play all sorts of music and this guitar fits into most of them, especially blues, funk, hard rock and heavy metal.

For all these genres we used a Marshall JVM410C2x12″ 100-Watt 4-Channel Tube Combo and from time to time some analog pedal effects as Jim Dunlop Cry Baby 535Q Multi-Wah Pedal, Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay Pedal, Way Huge Electronics Limited Edition Blue Hippo Analog Chorus.

Build quality

When choosing a new guitar pay attention to these following features:

  • Body: The recipe for this is the same as the previous models, maple top and mahogany back.
  • Neck: The first thing noticeable about this new neck is that it’s wider and it improves the playable area on it. It makes hammer-ons, pull-offs and bends easier than before.
  • Tuning system: This one has the new Gibson G FORCE tuning system which is faster, more accurate and allows some additional tunings. The best thing about this one is that you don’t have to carry a separate tuner all the time. You can do small adjustments on the fly while you play live.
  • Pick-ups: These ones are the classic Les Paul BB Pro Pick-ups and they are providing that vintage Humbucker sound. We played some Bad Company and Free on this guitar and it sounds great.
  • Control knobs: Both the volume and the tone knobs have the push/pull function which allows an easy switch between the rhythm and the lead. We didn’t open the knobs back case but it seems the gauge wire is now thicker stranded wire for a stronger internal connection.
  • Pick-up selector: This one seems to be the same from previous Gibson Les Paul Standard Models. No remarks on it, it does the job really well like always.
  • Output jack: The jack looks the same but it seems to hold the cable more firmly in place.


The guitar plays great and the wider neck feels better than previous models. The control knobs and pick-up selector positioning allow a faster switch between different sounds.


This Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish is amazing as is the Rosewood fingerboard with Pearl inlays. The contrast between the body colour and the neck really stands out.


Gibson Les Paul Standard 2015 - Heritage Cherry Sunburst


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Gibson Les Paul Standard 2015 - Heritage Cherry Sunburst

Music genre
Build quality
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