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Gary Moore’s famous guitars

Gary Moore was associated with many guitar brands over his career, but the guitar Gary was most associated with was the Gibson Les Paul. Gary Moore’s 1959 Les Paul Standard guitar was famed for its distinctive out-of-phase sound attributed to a possible pickup repair, where by the magnet in the neck pickup had been flipped, causing the out of phase sound when combined with the bridge pickup. The guitar was originally owned by Peter Green. Green sold the guitar to his younger friend Gary Moore in 1974 for the price that Gary got from selling a Gibson SG, his main guitar at that time. Gary used the guitar over the next 30 plus years, on hits such as Parisienne Walkways, which was his best-known song. The guitar is now owned by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett who purchased the guitar, a number of years after Gary had sold it, for an undisclosed amount.

Also associated with a 1961 Fender Stratocaster, which was purchased by Gary Moore in 1981. The guitar was almost sold to Greg Lake ex of Emerson, Lake and Palmer who was originally viewing the guitar, but Gary Moore had tried it out and liked the sound of the guitar acoustically. Gary had his fingers crossed and thinking ‘please don’t buy it, please don’t buy it!’ Greg passed on the guitar as it was not in pristine condition, and so Gary made a deal and the guitar was his. The Red Strat also known as the Pink Strat was extensively used by Gary on Corridors of Power along with others over the years to come.


The Red Strat was used on many live performances, most notably at the Fender 50th Anniversary show held at Wembley Arena, north London, in 2004, when Gary performed Red House, by Jimi Hendrix. The Neck pickup was rewound by well known pickup maker Seymour Duncan in 1998. Fender Guitars launched a custom shop tribute replica of the Red Strat, in 2016, which was undertaken by Fender master builder John Cruz.

Source: Wikipedia