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Dean Dimebag Stealth Floyd FM – Dime Slime

Model : Dean Dimebag Stealth Floyd FM – Dime Slime 

Music genre / Additional gear 

This guitar is definitely made for metal. It’s the right axe for trash and speed. The Seymour Duncan Dimebucker and the USA DMT DimeTime humbuckers, provide a really unique and powerful sound, suited for shredding. We tried it at my studio with the Engl Screamer 50W 1X12 Guitar Combo Amp and it broke the windows. There is no need for additional pedals just plug it on. 

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Build quality 

When choosing a new guitar pay attention to these following features:

  • Body: The guitar has a Mahogany Body and a Flame Maple Top.
  • Neck: It has a Mahogany set-neck.
  • Tuning system: It has the same tuning system as all Dean Dimebag Guitars and the Floyd Rose 1000 system. I had no problems with them.
  • Pick-ups: It has the Seymour Duncan Dimebucker for the bridge and the USA DMT DimeTime for the neck. These are awesome.
  • Control knobs: The guitar features the DBD Traction system.
  • Pick-up selector: A 3-way pick-up selector very well placed near the Floyd Wammy Bar.
  • Output jack: The jack is placed on the top of the body and it holds the cable well.


The standard factory action was just right, so no there was no need to redo it. The Floyd system is perfect, stayed in tune after long hours of play. The downfall of it is that the neck is pretty heavy, the headstock is pulling down while playing standing up, which can be quite annoying. But all in all the guitar offers quite an impressive sound and despite its minor flaws this particular model is truly an exceptional axe. This guitar is recommended to all the metal heads out there. 


The classic Dean Dimebag shape and the beautiful flame Maple Top on the Mahogany body set this axe apart from the crowd. It is quite beautiful. The glossy Dime Slime finish, the black hardware and the razor inlay at the 12 fret truly give it a spectacular look.

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Dean Dimebag Floyd FM – Dime Slime


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9.5 Total Score
Dean Dimebag Floyd FM – Dime Slime

Music genre
Build quality
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